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Government Housing / Furniture: 08821-750-3660 / DSN 440-3660
Off Post Housing: 08821-750-3445 / DSN 440-3445
Housing Manager: 08821-750-3531 / DSN 440-3531
Service Orders: 08821-750-3555 / DSN 440-3555
Fax: DSN 440-3705 or Civ. 011-49-8821-750-3705

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The Garmisch Housing Office is here to serve you, the community residents of the Breitenau Housing Area on Artillery Kaserne and those who live off-post in the surrounding area. Once we’ve helped you establish your household, there are a number of other services the Housing team are able to assist with, that you may not be aware of, and we’re easily accessible by phone, e-mail, or a visit to our offices in Headquarters Bldg. 203, Artillery Kaserne.

After completion of the renovation work in March 2009 the US Army Garrison Garmisch now has 81 on-post Army Family Housing quarters.  With the exception of the two General Flag Officer Quarters (GFOQ’s) the units are all located in the Breitenau Housing Area on Artillery Kaserne.  This beautiful housing area is located near the foot of the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain, and is surrounded by woods with numerous, easily accessible walking trails.  All garrison amenities are within walking distance including Garmisch Elementary-Middle School, Child Youth Services, Teen Center, library, and the Post Exchange and Commissary complex.  Sheridan Barracks, home of the George C.  Marshall Center and AFRC's Edelweiss Lodge and Resort Hotel, are also located within walking distance.

Garmisch Duplex HousingExcept for Senior Grade Officers Quarters (SGOQ) all of the housing units are in multiplex buildings.  Each unit has a private washer/dryer in the individual apartments.  If you own a washer/dryer, these appliances should be stored at your present location, as well as refrigerators and ranges.  Garmisch has six 2-stairwell buildings and one 3-stairwell building, where two to six families share a common stairwell entrance.  It is recommended that you do not bring large bulky furniture to Garmisch in these stairwell units.  Apartments have limited space for large furniture; for example, all bedrooms have closets across on wall, balcony door and /or windows on another, which means arranging a king size bed, triple dresser and large chest of drawers would be difficult.  Most units have a living room/dining room combination.  Kitchens generally do not have room for a kitchen table; in some units there is a built in dining counter.  Waterbeds require prior approval.  Please understand that we are unable to assign extra bedrooms or storage areas due to large pieces of furniture.  The standard voltage in Europe is 220v; our government housing units have both 110v and 220v outlets.

In on-post government housing, you will receive approximately 30 TV programs in different languages, including several AFN stations.  The installation of a private satellite dish is not permitted.

We do recommend that you bring drapes for the windows and area rugs and carpets, as the units all have hardwood parquet floor.  Each unit has either a storage cage or storage room in the basement of the building.  Each multiplex unit has an assigned uncovered parking space.

You will not need garden tools and should bring only balcony sized (4ft 3in-deep) patio furniture, unless you occupy SGOQ duplex quarters.  The self-help store can provide some garden tools on loan.  The auto-craft shop has a wide range of mechanical tools for working on your car.

IMCOM Europe has a “mandatory assignment to government housing” policy for service members with command sponsored dependents.

Some points of interest:

ELIGIBILITY:  The following information is taken from the AR 420-1 and the USAREUR Supplement to AR 420-1.

BEDROOM ELIGIBILITY (FAMILY HOUSING):  Minimum bedroom authorizations will be determined based on family size and composition according to housing regulation (same gender children share a room up to 10 years of age and opposite sex can share a room until six years of age – no more than two children may share a room in any case).

All services, including Air Force personnel, are credited with the Date Departed Last Duty Station in CONUS as their eligibility date.  No advance applications will be processed for addition to the waiting list.

BONAFIDE BACHELORS (those drawing without dependent rate BAQ) in Grades E-7 and above are authorized to live off post.  For those desiring to live on post BOQ/SEQ’s are located in the Breitenau Housing Area.  However, we should point out there is very limited shared storage space in these quarters. 

We also keep you informed of current events that affect your housing, like the ongoing tunnel project north of the Artillery Kaserne, with occasional news updates to the biweekly Garrison Community Newsletter and Facebook page, at Town Halls and through your Area and Building / Stairwell coordinators. You can also address our inspector while she is conducting regular inspections in the Breitenau Housing Area. During the planning stages of projects in the Housing Area outside the scope of regular maintenance, we also organize round table meetings where we invite building representatives to receive input from actual users of the facilities.

Your Garmisch Housing Office team is ready to assist you, just let us know how we can help.


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